With Eurovision 2013 finals staring in less than an hour, I thought it’s the right time to take a quick look at this year’s best dressed artists. Overall, I was a bit disappointed both with the fashion decisions and the song choices of many of the countries who’ve sent representatives at the song contest. However, the few who stood out from the crowd were worth spending those long hours in front of the tv waiting for a combo of a good song dressed in a quality costume. With no further ado, here are my top three picks:

1. Moldova

A fairy tale come true. I am in love with the dress and the hairstyle, and the lighting on stage.

Aliona Moon of Moldova (Photo by Ragnar Singsaas/Getty Images)

Aliona Moon of Moldova (Photo credit: Ragnar Singsaas)

2. Norway

Simplistic yet classy! I like how the designer has achieved a slimming effect while at the same time accentuating her curves not with color combos but with studding.

Margaret Berger from Norway (Photo Credit: Sander Hesterman)

Margaret Berger from Norway (Photo credit: Sander Hesterman)

3. Romania

The best male costume goes without doubt to Romania’s opera singer Cezar. If you like me associate Romania with Drakula, then this costume comes as no suprise. However, it is still gorgeous, isn’t it?

Cezar from Romania at Eurovision 2013 (Photo credit: Thomas Hanses)

Cezar from Romania at Eurovision 2013 (Photo credit: Thomas Hanses)

PS. I have to share with you his performance, this is the most amazing voice I have heard recently. Enjoy!


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