C'est la vie - WorldTasting - 1

I finally managed to convince the husband to take some shots of me over the last weekend. Easy it definitely was not, especially for a man who believes that simply pointing with an iPhone cam at something yields a good shot. ‘If I can see what’s on the pic, then it serves its purpose‘. How could I possibly oppose such an argument? So after a crash course in lighting, in-camera cropping and composition (which translated into ‘sun, zoom and can you please exclude the trash bin from the shot’), the outcome was pretty good. It seems like there’s a new photographer on the block.

C'est la vie - WorldTasting - 2

C'est la vie - WorldTasting - 3

jeans (Gerry Weber, similar here) | tee (KappAhl) | purse (Kathy van Zeeland, old) | watch (Tissot) | necklace (handmade)



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