Eau de Parfum Miss Dior

One thing I like about airports is the duty free. Actually it is may as well be the only thing I like. Oh, well, and the pilots in their uniforms, and the big planes, and the people watching, and … you are getting the point. But the more I love shopping in the duty free, the more I tend to believe in this huge men-against-duty-free conspiracy. I mean why else would there be a restriction as to how early before your flight you can be at the airport, right? And don’t try to sell me these ideas about security or baggage processing times. It seems like men’s last attempt to protect their credit cards, don’t you think?

Well luckily I have my ways into persuading a certain someone in my life to splurge on my duty free whims. So the husband just couldn’t resist but buy me this cute bottle of Miss Dior to add to my perfume collection. Even if that meant getting almost last into a full plane of grumpy morning faces examining us with a mix of disapproval and curiosity as to why we delayed the plane.

The perfume is the perfect mix of elegance and youthfulness in a bow bottle. It gently tickles all your senses and provides this extra feminine boost we all need every now and then. Those people from The Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards knew what they were doing when they announced the perfume the best new fragrance for women for 2013.


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