Holiday Gift Guide 2013 For Her

If there is one thing I like more than a good holiday, that definitely is a good holiday present. And since I almost hear Santa’s laughter from around the corner, I decided to help out the husband by putting together a little holiday gift guide for her (erm, me!). Just in case he runs out of ideas, that is.

And if his eyebrows arch in disbelief as to why all these items are of great importance, here are some solid reasons:

An Elizabeth Arden make-up kit to look beautiful for him.

A Sophie Kinsella book collection to keep me occupied while he watches the new football season.

A Kate Spade iPad sleeve to protect my iPad from accidents (and, hey, we all know, they do happen by accident…)

A Kate Spade watch so that he doesn’t have to wait for me for yet another half an hour.

An iPhone so that he can always reach me. Especially on those occasions when I am running late. (On the point of being on time, refer to the previous item.)

A Ted Baker clutch to put that iPhone inside. Naturally.

And, finally, a Marc Jacobs jewelry set. Just because nothing says those three words better than a jewelry set.


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