Worldtasting on Luvocracy

I have to admit, I never really understood Pinterest. I mean, I was pinning the heck out of it in the beginning, strictly following Pooh’s maxim that ‘more is more’. Nails, dishes, fashion, dream home decor and more fashion were piling on virtual boards while at the same time my nails were undone, I haven’t cooked a proper meal for weeks and there was neither closet space, nor wall estate to add anything to the apartment. It took a couple of weeks of concentrated pinning till one day I woke up to the realization that all the time spent in creating inspiration was a time away from execution.

So, when I heard about Luvocracy some weeks ago I intentionally decided not to pay attention to it. I knew there was no need in my life for a Pinterest clone, not even one with such a lovely name. But even though I was staying away from Luvocracy, Luvocracy was not staying away from me. It was persistently sneaking into my world: from the obvious news sites through the not-so-obvious YouTube advocates till the completely unexpected overheard discussions in coffee shops and on buss stops.

Naturally, I got curious. And as you know, there is no cure to curiosity, but to succumb to it. I went online and read all about Luvocracy’s new concept of ‘social marketplace’: a website where you not only can follow the people whose style you like, but also buy the things they recommend. In other words, a place where you can trust the trendsetters. A shopping platform where all your well-loved products find a common home – everything from electronics to high heels becomes just a click away.

Two days in, I think Luvocracy is the natural next step in the social networking staircase. First I liked, then I followed. Now I can hit the trust button. The next step is to challenge you to come and trust me on Luvocracy.



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