Waipo Restaurang, Stockholm, Jin-Si-Xia

[source: Waipo]

Date nights are not what they used to be. The ‘I am gonna pick you up at 8’ mysterious smile has been very much substituted by the more pragmatic ‘We are late. I beg you, this lipstick shade goes well with the color of your shoes, let’s just go’. (I mean, seriously, who says this when the shoes are black!?!) Either way, however, when on the plate is the hottest new restaurant in town, date nights still make me squeaky with excitement.

When we finally reached Waipo, I was fascinated. Soft background music and dimmed light welcomed us as we slammed the door to the outside world and shut all the street noises behind. As we walked to our table (which by the way was situated next to the window, overlooking the street, so we felt like we were living in a glass house, but in a good way) everything was impeccably arranged, to the tiniest detail.

And then the feast started. Since Waipo’s concept is ‘Asian social dining’ we took five dishes each to share. Not only were the portions substantial, but they were also sophisticated. Jin Si Xia was my starting dish: prawns piled in fried grated sweet potato. Delicious I tell you, delicious! This dish opened up my appetite so much, that the following plates just didn’t make the cut for a photoshoot.

Waipo Restaurang, Stockholm, Jin-Si-Xia

Jin Si Xia [source: Waipo]

Once we were half way through dinner, and the discussion (naturally) went towards a blogpost I was planning on, I realized I was lacking a major ingredient for the post in question – the photos. The waiter, as if reading my mind, brought us dim sum: Xiao Jiao (prawns) and Yao Zhu Bao (prawn, chicken and coriander). So I took out my camera and snapped away under the confused looks of the couple seated at the nearest table.

Waipo Restaurang, Stockholm, Xiao Jiao

[Xiao Jiao]

Waipo Restaurang, Stockholm, Yao Zhu Bao

[Yao Zhu Bao]

And just when I thought that I cannot possibly find any (extra) space in my stomach, the dessert came: a mango sorbet. As a result I may or may not have unbuttoned my pants but it was worthy to the last bite.

Waipo Restaurang, Stockholm, Mango Bing Ji Ling

[Mango Bing Ji Ling]


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