Catedral de Mallorca, Cathedral of Palma

The Cathedral of Palma

Today I officially declare war to the cold weather. Armored with a cup of steaming hot tea and a big fluffy blanket, I upped my arsenal with a digital pile of summer memories. So if you like me don’t want to allow the gloom to get you, I invite you to join me on a trip down memory lane. We are heading towards beautiful Palma de Mallorca for a day of cultural discoveries, shopping and culinary challenges.

Art talks

Tourists were flowing from all streets and alleys towards the Cathedral, camera in hand, snapping at different angles. The Cathedral was indeed spectacular, but there is so much more to art than a Gothic style.

Throughout the past couple of years I developed a special something for modern art museums, mostly out of curiosity and stubbornness in an attempt to understand their art. The husband tried to convince me that some things in life should be left as they are, with no explanation, but I still refuse to embrace his philosophy. Thus, we had to go and visit Es Baluard, the museum of modern and contemporary art. And before anyone asks, I failed again in my attempts. Miserably. It started confusing, by an exhibition of José Manuel Broto who was supposedly recreating music through image, but the more I stared at the paintings, the more I got consumed by enormous canvases filled in a solid color, or a rainbow of such. The husband claimed he had similar artistic style when a child. Then he grew up and lost it.

Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Palma

Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

It became even more confusing when Miró came into the picture. Staring at the exhibit, I asked the husband if he was also a Miró when he was young. He denied. I tend to believe him.

Miro at the Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Palma

I was lucky

1-0. The art won again. I needed something to cheer me up after such a defeat. The shopping area was conveniently located close by and I swear it was calling me by name. Apart from the obvious local choices like Zara, Mango and Massimo Dutti, I discovered Uterqüe – a subtle celebration of everything chic and feminine. The real shopping however happened in El Corte Ingles – the biggest shopping mall chain in Spain – mostly because we, foreigners, get a 10% discount on most local and high-end brands. I thought I was lucky. The husband – not so much.

Before the night comes

At the end of the day there was just one thing left to experience: well-prepared tapas accompanied by a glass of rich red wine gently tickling my palate. By far the best tapas place in Mallorca is Tast, a seemingly small restaurant which reveals a plenitude of cold and warm tapas choices and an excellent wine selection. Situated centrally in town, the place is extremely popular both among the locals and the tourists, so waiting to be seated is a usual practice. But the anticipation just made the overall experience that much better!

Tapas at Tast, Palma de Mallorca



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