Rodos Palladium Hotel / Rhodes, Greece

Rodos Palladium Hotel, Rhodes, Greece

I have a little something for waking up to breath-taking, rich in color, Mediterranean-blue views. The reflection of the early Greek sun off the serene sea surface tickles my sight just enough, so that I place my hand over my eyes, and sigh. I don’t want to count the days; vacations are always too short. So I throw on a summer dress, and sashay to the breakfast buffet.

Our favorite table is waiting for us, and the waitress greets with brisk Kalimera, and starts an informal chat while pouring steaming coffee into our glasses. The buffet offers exuberance of tastes, from plain ham and eggs to champagne and smoked salmon. In the corner of the room a skillful pianist is performing Hadjidakis, and the softness of the sound is mixed with the morning song of the crickets. Mornings now suddenly seem like the best way to start a day.

We move towards the beach, a private piece of sand and sea just for the guests of the hotel. Generously spaced sunbeds give a precise amount of privacy but still a feeling of community. By now I already recognize some faces, and nod politely while spreading a fresh fluffy towel onto my sunbed. A good read with occasional splashes into the refreshing waters take me all the way through lunchtime.

As it happens, lunch is always best spent at the Oasis pool bar, with a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and a portion of Greek salad rich in Kalamata olives and feta cheese.

And then there is more reading. Occasionally I let the book aside, and simply trace the flight of that beautiful dragon fly that inhabits the pool side. A circle, after a circle. Life in its utter simplicity.

As the sun sets, I pack up my thoughts and head off to our room. Third floor, right wing. For a while I sit on the balcony, pretending to do my makeup. The sun is painting the horizon, the beach is empty, the umbrellas are folded. The crickets play in their orchestra. I choose a long skirt out of the wardrobe, and I put a C’est la vie tee on. It feels right, this is life. One last walk on the empty beach, and it is dinner time.

Some local white wine, Greek specialties, and a brief chat with our waiter about the weather or something else, and then we finish off the evening at the Poseidon beach bar. A sax-piano duo is playing a long forgotten 80’s song, and I am sipping off a strawberry cocktail watching the full moon gracefully rising at the verge of the Aegean.

For a second I think ‘One more day is gone’, but I don’t want to count the days. Vacations are always too short. C’est la vie.

Rodos Palladium Hotel, Rhodes, Greece

Rodos Palladium Hotel, Rhodes, Greece

Rodos Palladium Hotel, Rhodes, Greece

Rodos Palladium Hotel, Rhodes, Greece

Rodos Palladium Hotel, Rhodes, Greece

Rodos Palladium Hotel, Rhodes, Greece

This is not a sponsored post; I just couldn’t resist sharing the Rodos Palladium experience with you. If a place can combine great attention to detail, extreme politeness of personnel, and mesmerizing Aegean views, this is by far the Rodos Palladium hotel. A true five-star affair.

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  1. Julia June 20, 2014 at 5:52 am #

    This post makes me miss Greece so much! I love these photos. So beautiful! Sounds like you had the loveliest of times!

    • Sylvia June 21, 2014 at 12:12 pm #

      Oh, it was indeed lovely! I am already looking forward to our next trip there. =)


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