Lumene Gloss & Care Nail Polish

I have been shying away from the neon trend for quite some time, but ever since Lumene released their new bright Gloss & Care nail polishes I completely lost the battle. Passing by the Lumene counter at Åhlens (a big department store in Stockholm) like millions of times, my eyes were constantly drawn to these petite bottles (only 5ml of product). Until one day I just couldn’t resist anymore and gave in to temptation. It was some magic attraction mixed with a lot of doubt: ‘what if they are not good enough’, ‘I have never tried this brand before’, ‘maybe the color would not suit me’ and so on, and so on. You see, I am not really the kind of girl that easily spends money on stuff I am not a 110% sure I need and will use. So, I decided to choose the most useful summer color in the palette – a beautiful coral shade with a delicate sparkle in it. And, oh my, the moment I put this color on my nails, all doubts vanished in thin air.

Actually, it didn’t pass a week and I went back to the Lumene counter at Åhlens. This time there were no doubts. I went all in, with a bright neon green and a deep fandango. Watch out, summer, I am now fully prepared for you!

Lumene Gloss & Care Nail Polish

Lumene Gloss & Care Nail Polish



  1. I love neon nail polish. I once used a different colored on each nail because it was so hard to chose! The orange has an amazing shade!
    ps thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

  2. What fun, summery choices! I especially love that coral. I’m going to aim for that shade with my next mani-pedi. Thanks for the inspiration!

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